Social Media and Real Estate

Aug 14, 2019
Social Media and Real Estate
Social Media and Real Estate
Aug 14, 2019

The evolution of digital technology and social media has impacted the way we consume information and communicate with brands across the globe. From enquiring about products to peer-to-peer reviews to customer complaints, organizations have had to adapt to meet consumer expectations ... Quickly.    

Social media is now an essential tool for real estate organisations to distribute information as well as engage directly with investors and potential investors.  From investor advice to showcasing the latest real estate developments, social media is now the ‘go to’ tool to help develop awareness across all communication from inside a real estate developer.  

Whilst social media allows organisations to deliver information on news across real estate quickly, organisations also have to employ specific strategies on each platform such user behaviour across social media channels dependent on their audience. 

What’s App is the most popular social media channel among Arab Nationals and thanks to its group chat ability is a great way to communicate in collective groups at the touch of a button.  Organisations therefore need to adapt to ensure employees communicate with investors using their preferred means. 

Social Media Usage in KSA, UAE and Egypt

Usage across each platform is dictated by a number of things.  Access to internet, cultural conformity as well as the influence of a nation’s key personalities such as: sport stars; musicians; Royalty etc.

According to Digital Marketing Community’s reports from 2018, Facebook sees the highest number of active users in Egypt (35m), followed by KSA (11m) with the UAE coming in third (8.5m).

Twitter (11m), Snapchat (14m) and Instagram (12m) are most used in the KSA.

Interestingly, social media platforms are used more by males than in any other country across the region.  The only exception where female users exceeds male users is in KSA – 6.5m females compared to 5.5m males.

Since 2012 Facebook has grown its presence in the MENA region, by over 200%, however since 2013, overall usage of the platform in the region has dropped by 20%. 

Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Tunisia have a greater propensity to use Twitter.  This is in part due to the micro-blogging nature of its platform meaning that users are more likely to engage in political discourse as well as keeping up with the latest news and trends.

In the Kingdom of Bahrain, Instagram is the preferred social media platform of choice with the estimated number of users in the region to be in excess of 65 million.

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