Chairman’s Message

Over the past decade, we have established Bin Faqeeh Real Estate Investment Company to be a local and regional leader in real estate development, successfully completing over 20 projects across the Kingdom of Bahrain. In our quest to build long-term relationships with our clients and to provide unparalleled after-sales services, we have established Real Search in 2014 to complement our integrated approach to the property market and to ensure our high-standard benchmarks are met.

As a subsidiary company to Bin Faqeeh, Real Search shares the same principles of being unique that have guided us to innovate and reshape the fundamentals of the property market. With advancements in technology and perpetual innovation in all industries, companies must embrace and adapt to these changes or risk falling behind.

Armed with trust from our clients, and resolute commitment from our employees, Real Search continues to grow with a focused vision to pave the way to the future of our ever-changing world.

About Real Search

Real Search is a subsidiary company to Bin Faqeeh Real Estate Investment Company, and it specializes in the field of property management. Our exclusive engagement with Bin Faqeeh properties ensures consistency in the quality of properties we manage.

With a portfolio of many different projects and a large number of units, we manage an assortment of properties including studios, 1- 3 bedroom apartments, penthouses, duplexes, and villas. Spread across the Kingdom of Bahrain, our variety of properties can accommodate every client.

We recognize the different requirements our clients have when looking for a family home or an investment. With our deep understanding of our industry and clients, we can make the processes involved easier to a point where our clients can rely on our services completely without hesitation.

From leasing agents to concierge staff, our team has been trained to specialize in their field to provide a smooth process from renting to housekeeping.

We are proud to say that we are one of the leading real estate companies in Bahrain and with our continuous growth and success we aim to be at the top, offering stellar services to our clients.

Our Mission and Vision

We aim to create value to our client’s investment with our extensive services in property management, resell, rent, lease and furnishing. We strive to offer unparalleled customer service to our clients with the help of our specialized professionals to understand their specific needs in order to provide utmost satisfaction in their home and a profitable investment experience.

We believe in sophisticated services that allow our residents to live a luxurious lifestyle with the comfort of Real Search professionally managing and maintaining their properties.

Looking forward, Real Search seeks to lead the direction of the market by redefining the dynamics of the industry. By excelling and focusing our efforts into providing the quality services that are expected from us, we will succeed and we will be the benchmark in property management.

Why Real Search?

Finding a Home:

Real Search exclusively manages internationally acclaimed projects from Bin Faqeeh, and our property listings cultivate luxurious lifestyles for our residents.

We match your criteria to an area and property with like-minded communities who share your interests to truly make your home feel welcoming through luxury living.

Our world-class services provide you with more than just a property, but with an opulent lifestyle that cultivates and captures the essence of luxury living. Conveniently appointed amenities such as private fitness facilities and recreational areas, serve as an extension of the home you choose.


Real Search exclusively manages award-winning listings from Bin Faqeeh projects, and we are involved in our clients’ journey from concept to move-in day.

Real Search offers clients a one-stop solution inclusive of leasing, reselling, furnishing and marketing. We start a professional journey with our clients, which continue far beyond just finding a property to invest in.

Our team of highly trained estate agents will work with you to assess your needs and find the property best suited to those needs. Our agents will guide you through the journey of finding that perfect property and will become a trusted advocate in this exciting process of buying, renting or investing in multiple properties.

Our Services


We do extensive research and get to know the criteria of what you need and want. We assess the type of community you wish to move into, and take into regard your lifestyle to find a home that complements it. A dedicated account manager from our multinational team will assist you to explore our distinctive properties and help you find the perfect home you are searching for.


With a strategic understanding of real estate marketing, our team can help you reach potential home lease through our extensive media presence across all marketing platforms.

Advisory Services:

We take the time to listen to what your requirements are, and offer financial advice with detailed reports related to the properties you invested in. With 17 projects strategically situated across Bahrain’s prime locations, and an assortment of property types and sizes, our agents can help you find the perfect property to invest in.


From home staging to online listings and viewings, our marketing team and agents are equipped with all the necessary tools to showcase your property and reach potential buyers. Bin Faqeeh has a presence across many countries, and Real Search clients benefit from those connections by reaching a broad base of potential buyers for their property.


Each client has their unique taste and requirements for the interior of their home. Real Search’s distinctive services include assisting with décor and furnishing of the apartment with various and sophisticated styles to match your unique taste and requirements.

Managing Services:

We supply 24/7 security and surveillance of the property and surrounding area to offer piece of mind and safety. We provide full maintenance services for your property and the recreational facilities, with our in-house team that is just a call away for anything you wish to have repaired or reported. Our front desk staff is at your service and can assist you with anything from arranging a taxi service to greeting your guests as they come in to visit you.

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