Why invest in Bahrain?

• Issuance of Golden Residency Visa for foreign investors
• Investment – friendly environment
• One hundred foreign ownership of business assets


What is the Golden Residency Visa?

The golden residency visa in the Kingdom of Bahrain was launched by the Ministry of Interior for foreign nationals seeking to invest, live and work in Bahrain.

For the expatriates who wish to invest in the real estate sector, he/she must own one or more properties in Bahrain, valued no less than BHD 200,000 ($530,000) and must reside in the Kingdom of Bahrain for 90 days a year, to ensure their visa continues to be valid.

The benefits of the golden residency visa include:
• Residency for family members (spouse, children, and parents).
• Right to work in Bahrain without requiring an employer sponsorship.
• No restrictions in entry/exit in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Required Documents
1.1 A clear copy of the passport valid for more than 6 months. (Please attach a copy of the page
family information or any other additional information).
1.2 A clear copy of the ID card.
1.3 A clear copy of the certificate of good conduct.
1.4 A clear copy of the title deed that proves that the value of the properties owned by the foreigner in his name are not less than BHD200,000 ($530,000).
1.5 A clear copy of a valid health insurance certificate in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
1.6 A clear copy of the applicant's six-month bank statement.


Bin Faqeeh is a privately held company that was established in 2008 and is the leading real estate developer in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It engages primarily in the acquisition, development, and management of long-term real estate developments. It successfully delivered 29 real estate projects in less than 15 years!

Why invest with Bin Faqeeh?

In Bin Faqeeh, we will assist you with all your needs in acquiring the golden residency visa in Bahrain! Invest with us, and we will take care of your application every step of the way! With dedication and determination, becoming our clients’ trusted partner in secure and profitable real estate investments is what we always aim for.

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